December OT Box

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The December OT box has been developed to give families and teachers the tools they need to engage children in fun motor and sensory play while promoting their development of important sensory and motor skills.

Each OT box will include an informative leaflet on the functional benefits of each product and how they might be used at home or in the classroom. The December OT box products are stated below. 


Sensory inflatable bean bag: supportive tool for body regulation – good for physical activity, jumping into it, falling into it, crashing and thrashing about. There is an  instant hug the moment you sink into this sensory bag. The materials wrap closely around the body allowing the body to relax and fall into its own natural shape.

Fish magnet game: Children will love to go fishing as they develop hand-eye coordination, visual perception, fine motor skills, and more with the magnetic fishing puzzle set. This wonderful magnetic game features bright, full-color artwork that will catch kids' eyes and make pretend fishing come to life at playtime. Kids will love to try their hand at fishing out a variety of ocean creatures.

Scalp massager: this massager  helps to calm children. It is often used for autistic children, kids with ADHD,  sensory processing disorder (SPD), and tactile under- or over-sensitivities. It is an ideal product for children of all ages. It is also good for children who are over sensitive to hair brushing, hair washing or hair cutting as it gives the necessary sensory stimulation to get the head ready for touching. 

Snowball fidget: the snowball fidget offers a fun sensory experience. Filled with a gel-like liquid, this large squeezable fidget  is great fun to squeeze, stretch and squash, and provides a very satisfying tactile experience. It always returns to its original shape too, ready to be squeezed again next time. It makes a fun alternative to a classic stress ball. The snowball fidget is a superb fidget toy for tactile sensory seekers!

Red Key Chewelry: this chewie has lots of features for sensory seekers to love:  an easy-to-grab loop, a long extension to reach the back molars, large bumps on the stick for varying sensory input. Ideal for children who seek sensory input or for children who bite objects or enjoy chewing.