November OT Box- Available on preorder

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The November OT box has been developed to give families and teachers the tools they need to engage children in fun motor and sensory play while promoting their development of important sensory and motor skills.

Each OT box will include an informative leaflet on the functional benefits of each product and how they might be used at home or in the classroom. The November box products below. Available on pre order now. 


Theraputty (red)- no.1 OT product for hand strengthening

4 Week Theraputty Hand Strengthening Program- detailed program following step by step instructions on how to strengthen your child's hands from week to week with specific exercises

Apple Magnapad- new magnetic writing board, sophisticated magnetic stylus which helps a bead pop up rendering images, graphics, numbers and letters. Ideal for building fine motor skills, hand eye coordination in a fun creative way

Chewelry (Diamind Chewy)- for children who mouth objects or seek oral input. Also for children who struggle with concentration and attention. Full description of when chewelry should be used in leaflet of box. 

Foot Resistance Band- ideal for placing around legs of chair, allows a child to receive proprioception input and the most popular tool to improve concentration and attention in the OT community. 

Hand Strengthening Resistance Band- works on strengthening the hands, fingers, wrists, forearm for handwriting and other fine motor tasks

Claw Pencil Grip (most highly rated grip by paediatric OTs)- children who struggle with pencil grip would benefit hugely from the Claw grip- the most highly recommended pencil grip

Usborne Wipe Clean Pen Control Book- a reusable wipe clean book with lots of fun fine motor skill tasks that can be completed time and time again

Sensory Diet- Guide and Create- full description of how the sensory systems work and activities that can help your child overcome sensory challenges. This guide will help you understand why your child acts or behaves a certain way and activities that will help them regulate, ideal for both school and home.